CPA Candidates

Candidates who have completed the Common Final Examination (CFE) should review the following information in relation to completion of practical experience requirements and membership application process:

Practical Experience

  • In addition to successfully completing the PEP modules and the CFE, candidates need to complete a 30-month term of practical experience, including development of required competencies, to be eligible for membership.
  • Candidates who elected to complete the CGA legacy experience requirements need to complete their PERC. If you have received confirmation of certification level for your PERC within the last 3 years, no additional experience reporting or documentation is required at this time.
  • Candidates who are completing the CPA practical experience requirements need to submit their 30-month experience report in PERT as well as have a mentor review completed. Once completed, CPA Manitoba will be notified and assess the report within 4-6 weeks. The earlier you submit the report, the earlier you will receive a response as to whether changes might be required or we have accepted the report as submitted.
  • Candidates who report CPA practical experience through the profession's online Practical Experience Reporting Tool (PERT), are employed with a public accounting firm and need to report chargeable hours for the purpose of meeting requirements of their pre-approved position may access the CPA Public Accounting Chargeable Hours Submission Form

Any questions on practical experience should be addressed to Email

Candidates who successfully complete the CFE will be invited to Convocation. Candidates who are successful on the CFE but not completed their practical experience reporting are eligible to attend convocation. 

Application for Membership
Once candidates have successfully completed all 3 days of the CFE and the practical experience requirements including submission of the appropriate documentation as noted in the above practical experience requirement paths, CPA Manitoba will provide a membership application to the candidate.

Any questions on membership should be addressed to Email