The Chartered Professional Accountants Act of Manitoba was proclaimed on September 1, 2015 and established the Chartered Professional Accountant (“CPA”) designation in Manitoba. The Act replaced The Chartered Accountants Act, The Certified Management Accountants Act, The Certified General Accountants Act and The Certified Public Accountants Act which previously governed the designated accounting profession in Manitoba.

CPA Manitoba is legislated to:

  1. Regulate and govern its members, candidates, students, professional corporations and firms, including the professional conduct and discipline of such persons, in accordance with the Act, the principles of self-regulation and the public interest;
  2. Establish standards of academic achievement and other qualifications required for registration as a member, candidate or student;
  3. Issue certificates of registration to its members, and regulate the use of the restricted titles, designations and abbreviations, including “Chartered Professional Accountant”, “CPA”, and related variations;
  4. Regulate the provision of professional services by its members, candidates, students, professional corporations and firms, including reasonable measures to ensure that reserved public accounting services are provided only by persons authorized to do so;
  5. Promote and increase the professional knowledge, skill and proficiency of its members, candidates and students; and
  6. Promote and foster a greater public awareness of, and confidence in, the accounting profession.

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