Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Reporting

Effective January 1, 2015, the Continuing Professional Development requirements for all members in Manitoba have been harmonized and closely aligned with the nationally recommended requirements of CPA Canada and the internationally accepted best practices of IFAC.

CPD Reporting Deadline: January 31

The deadline for reporting CPD hours achieved between January 1 to December 31 is January 31 of the following year.

For your convenience, hours may be reported online. Visit our website for easy online reporting before January 31 each year and complete the following steps:

Log in to

  1. Enter your member number as your User Name and enter your password*
  2. Click Login
  3. Click on the CPD Reporting tab
  4. Click on the Submit Hours tab
  5. Fill in the following required items:
  6. Activity name (course title, conference name etc.)
    1. Activity name (course title, conference name etc.)
    2. Description is optional
    3. Date earned
    4. Number of hours
    5. Check off Verifiable (do not click if these are unverifiable hours)
    6. Click save
  7. Additional hours can be entered as necessary
  8. You may log out by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner and selecting log out.

*If you cannot remember your password, please enter your member number and click Forgot Password. A temporary password will be emailed to you.

All members should review and understand the CPD Reporting Requirements Policy document.

If you have any questions about CPD reporting, please contact:

Michelle Chartrand
Regulatory Affairs Coordinator

CPD Reporting Transition Policy

To support this harmonization and as well, facilitate implementation of a new online CPD reporting service, the following transition policy will be in effect:

  • All members will be expected to be fully compliant with their legacy 2014 CPD requirements. 
  • All members will commence a new CPD reporting cycle as at January 1, 2015 - with a zero hour balance. Accordingly, the first 3 year reporting period will be 2015 through 2017.   
  • To clarify, the zero hour CPD balance will not disadvantage any member regardless of the credit hours the member may have accumulated to December 2014. Consider that all credits accumulated in 2014 and earlier would have dropped off prior to the end of this new 3 year reporting period. 
  • While the first 120 CPD hour balance does not have to be attained until December 31, 2017, a minimum of 20 CPD hours must be reported annually. 
  • As a requirement of membership, members are expected to understand and comply with the new harmonized CPD requirements. Please carefully review the CPD Reporting Requirements policy document. 

Please direct any questions regarding CPD reporting to

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