In-House and Other PD Options

In-House Presentations

It may be more practical and/or economical for your organization to offer seminars on an “in-house” basis. Some advantages of such presentations are:

  • Cost-effective, flexible and convenient
  • Opportunity for frank discussions about how matters will be treated “in-house”
  • Team-building through discussion groups

You can arrange for an in-house presentation of most of the seminars offered in the professional development program. CPA Manitoba supplies a master copy of the seminar materials and you supply the location, instructor, etc. The basic fee for most seminars is $500 plus $140 per participant for a full day session ($75 per participant for a half-day session).

Acquisitions of In-House Rights

The purchase of in-house rights gives you unlimited right to use the seminar material within your organization, in any format you choose. You will receive one master copy of each of the instructor materials and the participant materials for your use. The cost of acquiring the rights starts at $3,000.

Other PD Opportunities

Knowledge Bureau and CPA Manitoba are pleased to present the following PD opportunities for you. Special tuition discounts have been included when registering from this page.

Be sure to use CPAMB as the discount code when enrolling.

Advising Family Businesses


Many small businesses in Canada are owned and operated by individuals who are at or near retirement age and qualified advisors have an opportunity to assist them in planning and implementing succession plans. (30 CPD hours)

Scaling Business Operations

This course teaches how to structure the core operational areas required to successfully build and manage a company, including finance, administration, sales, marketing and staffing, as well as strategies to grow a market-driven business that someone will eventually buy. (30 CPD hours)

Personal Pension Plan

In light of the new tax rules that penalize passive investments within CCPCs, advisors must understand how pension legislation can become a power tool to deal with wealth succession, business succession and tax optimization within a corporate environment. (30 CPD hours)

Philanthropy Designation - MFA-P Program

This program is for advisors looking for specialized professional credentials to develop plans with individuals and families interested in strategic philanthropy. This is an investment trend that is increasingly important to investors of all ages. (60 CPD hours)