PD Passes and Pricing

The new PD Pass is a flexible savings program for members and other professionals interested in taking multiple seminars. The PD Pass can now be used for conferences and all in-class, on demand and live stream seminars. 

New Features

  • The name has changed from PD Passport to PD Pass
  • PD Pass units have changed from days to credits for greater flexibility
  • Conferences can now be purchased using the PD Pass

Important Information

  • PD Passes are valid from April 1 to March 31
  • All seminars will be discounted after a PD Pass purchase, even when your pass is filled
  • Each seminar will specify the number of credits needed to register
  • Credits for many (not all) courses will equal 1 credit/half hour of learning
  • Unused PD Pass credits will not be refunded, credited or carried-forward

2021-22 PD Pass Pricing
Passes are valid until March 31, 2022

Pass TypePriceCredits
Personal Pass - Regular$ 1,10035
Personal Pass - Mini (available to members and non-members)$ 75021
Corporate Pass$ 2,47563
Reduced Fee Pass (members paying reduced dues only)$ 60021

The cash price for some seminars offered through third party providers, may be less than the per credit Pass price. However, by making these seminars eligible, you have choices to help you optimize the use of your Pass credits.


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