October 2021 PD News

You can find all your CPA Professional Development needs in one place! The PD program is structured to meet the needs of Manitoba CPAs—from offering PD in an array of formats, ensuring a breadth of PD opportunities to help you strengthen both your technical and soft-skills. All live presentation courses will be continue to be offered virtually from October 2021 until the end of March 2022. Most full day courses are split over two half days to enhance the learning opportunity.

Featured Livestream Courses In October

First Time In Manitoba

Newly Developed Courses

Returning Favourites

On-Demand Courses

Currently there are over 250 on-demand courses available to members from one hour in length and up. You have access online from wherever you are and can start and stop the video as needed.

Featured Competency Courses

First Time Offered

PD Pass
The PD Pass provides a savings option for business professionals interested in taking multiple seminars at a discounted price and with the change from days to credit, pass holders have more flexibility. All passes are valid now until the end of March 2022.

The non-transferable Personal PD Pass can be used to mix and match any combination of live-stream and web-based topics.

A Corporate PD Pass can be used to mix and match any combination of live-stream and web-based topics and is transferable to all staff in your organization.

Non-members can purchase a Personal PD Pass – Mini and take advantage of the discount as well. Complete the manual pass purchase form and email it to pd@cpamb.ca now to make the most of your PD Pass!