Holiday 2020 PD News

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CPA Manitoba’s Professional Development seminars focus on both technical and enabling competencies, allowing you to expand your knowledge in a variety of topic areas.

The 2020-2021 program offers over 300 courses in a variety of web-based formats. 

Upcoming Courses

Powerful Financial AnalysisDecember 21, 2020
Current Tech Crimes - Ripped from the HeadlinesJanuary 6, 2021
Mastering the Excel Data ModelJanuary 6, 2021
Managing Difficult Phone CallsJanuary 8, 2021
RIP - Estate PlanningJanuary 11, 2021
Employee Engagement - What Works,  Motivation Myths and Workplace SurveysJanuary 12, 2021
Controllership - Operational ManagementJanuary 13, 2021
Actioning Truth and Reconciliation in Your BusinessJanuary 13, 2021
Business Valuations - AdvancedJanuary 14, 2021
Due Diligence for AcquisitionsJanuary 15, 2021


Passport Savings Program
PD Passports
  provide a savings option for business professionals interested in taking multiple seminars at a discounted price.

We’re always interested to hear your feedback on the PD program, please feel free to send any suggestions, questions or comments to