Use of CPA Designation in Manitoba

The Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) designation is globally recognized and respected. The use of the CPA designation in Manitoba is restricted only to those members who are registered and in good standing with CPA Manitoba.

With an increase in the number of members requesting clarification on the use of the designation, please review the following information.

*Note that designation usage for firm names is different than personal usage. 

For Members:

Members must use the “Chartered Professional Accountant,” or “CPA,” designation in conjunction with their legacy designation(s) until July 15, 2025. Any candidates who successfully complete the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP) will be entitled to use the CPA designation alone: i.e. Jane Doe, CPA.

For a legacy designation, see the following examples:

Jane Doe, CPA, CA

John Doe, CPA, CGA

Jane Doe, CPA, CMA

Jane Doe, FCPA, FCA

John Doe, FCPA, FCGA

Jane Doe, FCPA, FCMA

There are no space, period or comma after each letter in the designation (CPA).

Common areas where a designation might be used are:

  • Business cards
  • Email and traditional mail signature blocks
  • Individual names on letterhead
  • All references to a member name in marketing and advertising materials
  • LinkedIn and social media

For Firms:

Firms providing public accounting services are required to use “Chartered Professional Accountant(s)” as part of their firm name or descriptive style.

Firms providing other regulated services may use “Chartered Professional Accountant(s)” as part of their firm name or descriptive style, with one exception; an other regulated services firm that is incorporated may not use “Chartered Professional Accountant(s)” as part of its corporate name.

Firms are not permitted to use their legacy designation or “tag” their legacy designation in the name of the firm.

For more information on Use of the Designation in Manitoba, we encourage members to visit our website or email

CPA Logo:

The CPA logo may be used only by firm members that meet the defined standards for membership of the CPA profession and the firm is in good standing with a practice as defined and regulated by CPA Manitoba. A firm must request permission to use the CPA logo and agree to comply with the conditions for use as outlined in the CPA & Design Mark Firm Agreement.

For information on the firm use of the CPA Logo, visit our website.