Steve Vieweg, FCPA, FCMA, Retirement Announcement

A familiar and respected name in the Canadian CPA profession has made it official: he will be retiring in 2021.

Steve Vieweg, FCPA, FCMA, Chief Executive Officer of the CPA Western School of Business, informed the School Board on November 2 that he intends to retire from his CEO role on September 2, 2021. Vieweg has served as CEO since 2015.

Over the course of his term as CEO, he has played a vital leadership role in building the CPA Western School of Business in the post-unification period. His vision and energy helped shape the School’s stellar reputation and helped ensure that the high standards of competency and ethical conduct expected of CPAs were instilled in all candidates.

“I’ve known Steve for 12 years going back to legacy days when he was the National CEO and I was Board Chair in Alberta,” said Geeta Tucker, FCPA, FCMA, President & CEO of CPA Manitoba. "He has been fundamental in leading the CPA Western School of Business during post-unification, as well as instilling the core values needed to become a CPA. Steve, thank you for all you have done for the profession. I wish you an enjoyable and happy retirement.”
In his letter to the School Board announcing his retirement plan, Vieweg steered credit for his success to his team at the School. “The staff of the School have been the undercurrent beneath my wings and we collectively achieved heights we never could have imagined; I have never experienced such a strong learning and curiosity-based culture in my career.”

The School Board has begun the process to identify a successor. In the meantime, the profession looks forward to further contributions to accounting education from Vieweg in the remaining months in his position.