Preparing Tax Returns?

Are you preparing tax returns or providing tax advice? Did you know members are required to register a firm with CPA Manitoba to be able to provide tax advice and tax return preparation services?

The CPA Act and CPA Manitoba Bylaws provide the definitions of public accounting services and other regulated services. If a member is offering services to the public, they must determine whether those services require registration with CPA Manitoba. A member who intends to prepare tax returns must register a firm to provide “other regulated services”.

As per Bylaw 801, “other regulated services” includes providing advice, counsel or interpretation with respect to the preparation of a tax return with the exception of providing voluntary tax preparation services through a CPA Manitoba program or Canada Revenue Agency program; or forensic accounting, financial investigation or financial litigation support services.

Members can not provide “other regulated services” unless they have registered a firm with CPA Manitoba, obtained professional liability insurance and been granted a permit to provide those services.

If you intend to prepare tax returns and have not yet registered with CPA Manitoba, contact today.