New Email Communication Preferences

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We’re pleased to announce streamlined communications options so you can better customize the types of emails you receive from us.

CPA Manitoba’s updated communication preferences for email are:

Monthly newsletter on upcoming events, PD opportunities, videos, podcasts, CPA thought leadership and regulatory notices. Your best way to stay connected with the profession.


Periodic messages featuring information on member engagement activities (ie. events, registration confirmations, member consultations, volunteer opportunities and surveys).

FYI Plus
Less frequent messaging that includes emails from the CPA Manitoba Foundation and all others that do not fit into the categories above.

On the Books
Quarterly newsletter tailored for candidates and students in Manitoba.

Semi-annual newsletter tailored for members living in communities across Manitoba.

To review your communications preferences, click on the communications preferences link at the bottom of a recent email sent by CPA Manitoba. 

Important note: members cannot opt out of the regulatory communications CPA Manitoba is professionally and/or legally required to send out.