Member Profile - Geeta Tucker, FCPA, FCMA

Geeta Tucker

Some might say that Geeta Tucker, FCPA, FCMA was born to be a professional accountant. After moving with her family to Montreal, Quebec at age six, her parents could see the signs. “I remember that I would take inventories of my toys to stay organized. I guess that was more fun than actually playing with them,” Tucker says with a laugh. “I kept records of all kinds of transactions and one of my favorite things to do was act as the banker in a family game of Monopoly. My parents looked at all that and told me I’d really like accounting,’” she recalls.

Their instincts were correct. Tucker gradated from high school with the goal of becoming an accountant. She completed CEGEP (a French acronym for Collège d'enseignement général et professionnel) – which is step between secondary school and university, unique to the province of Quebec. Afterwards, she moved 650 kilometres west to attend the University of Waterloo in Ontario.

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