May 2022 Member News


Admission to Membership 
•By Completion of CPA Program Requirements 
Daniel Davis Mortimer, CPA

Member Transfer Out 
Thi Thuy Lam Nguyen (Transfer to CPA British Columbia)
Sarah Kim (Transfer to CPA British Columbia)
Vishal Kumar (Transfer to CPA Ontario)

Resignation from Membership
Members who returned their certificate of membership or affidavit have had their resignations from membership accepted in good standing. Those who have not returned either their certificate or affidavit have had their resignations accepted “not in good standing.” Resignations are as follows:

In Good Standing 
Rene Cahill (1982)

In Memoriam 
Rudy Warkentin, CPA, CMA (1968)
Passed away February 14, 2022

Registrations of Practicing Firms 
Richard Fillion, CPA, CMA (2002) has registered Rest Assured Financial Ltd. effective March 26, 2022.

Bruce Hardie, CPA, CA (1983) has registered Bruce Hardie Chartered Professional Accountants Inc. effective March 3, 2022. 

Peter Telfer, CPA, CGA (1999) has registered Peter Telfer Chartered Professional Accountant effective March 3, 2022.

Firm Structure Changes
Malcom Yurkowski, CPA, CA (1975) has requested change in registration of Malcom Yurkowski Chartered Professional Accountant Inc. as a professional corporation to a Public Accounting Services firm (Compilation stream) as a sole proprietor.