CPA Manitoba's Board of Directors Announcements

CPA Manitoba’s Board of Directors held a regular meeting on July 18, 2019 in Winnipeg. Below is a recap of the significant decisions and discussions that took place:

  • The Board reviewed the Strategic Operating Plan for fiscal year 2019-20 and engaged in a strategic discussion regarding the future of the profession. The Board looks forward to continuing this strategy work at a retreat in September.
  • The Board reviewed and approved a new Respectful Workplace Policy for Board and Committee Members. The new policy forms part of the Code of Conduct for Board and Committee members.
  • The Board reviewed proposed changes to the 2020 CPA Competency Map which included reviewing enabling competencies, making further enhancements related to Data Analytics and Information Systems and building an interactive online map to improve the navigation functionalities related to this tool.

The Board approved several appointments and re-appointments at the meeting:

Executive Committee
Heather Reichert, FCPA, FCA (Chair)
Gordon Dowhan, CPA, CA (First Vice-Chair)
Douglas Einarson, FCPA, FCA (Second Vice-Chair)
Mark Jones, FCPA, FCGA
Patty Gifford (Public Representative)

Governance and Nominating Committee
Gordon Dowhan, CPA, CA (Chair)
Heather Reichert, FCPA, FCA
Deborah Grenier, FCPA, FCA
Jack Fleming (Public Representative)
Stefan Kristjanson (Public Representative)

Audit Committee
Dion Bird, CPA, CA (Chair)
Jeremy Bomhof, CPA, CA
Maxine Kashton, CPA, CMA
Irene Merie, CPA (Hon.), CA(Hon.) (Public Representative)

Ownership Linkages Committee
Douglas Einarson, FCPA, FCA (Chair)
Mark Jones, FCPA, FCGA
Terri-lyn Scott, CPA, CA
Brigitte Lazarko, CPA, CA
Howard Wirch, FCPA, FCGA
Mary Brabston, Ph.D., CPA (Hon.), CMA (Hon.) (Public Representative)

The next scheduled meeting of the CPA Manitoba Board is September 11, 2019.