Change in CPD Reporting Deadline

At the August 2021 board meeting, the CPA Manitoba Board approved an amendment to CPA Manitoba bylaw 704 (1) to have Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Compliance reporting due on or before from January 31 to April 1 of every year. 

704 Compliance reporting requirements

(1)    On or before January 31 April 1 of every year, every member who has not been exempted from the requirement to complete continuing professional development shall file a compliance report, in form and content as approved by the Board or its designated committee, with respect to the member’s continuing professional development activities during the previous calendar year. 

This new alignment of the reporting deadlines will provide members enhanced functionality to manage the membership renewal, payment of fees, CPD reporting and completion of the CPD compliance declaration all at the same time saving members time and management of two regulatory requirement deadlines.  

The change will be implemented for the 2021 reporting year. Thus, CPD for the calendar year 2021 (January 1 to December 31) and the three year rolling cycle ending December 31, 2021 would need to be reported by April 1, 2022. This will provide members an additional two months to report their CPD learning activities for 2021 and forward.

Members are still encouraged to report CPD as it is earned and not leaving to the end of the year or reporting deadline.   

As a result, the CPD non-compliance fee assessed on all reports outstanding after two weeks of the deadline would now be applied on all late on annually on April 15th instead of February 15th.

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