Board of Directors News

The Board of Directors of CPA Manitoba held its first meeting of the year on July 16, 2020. The new year saw the change in leadership to Board Chair, Gord Dowhan, FCPA, FCA, First Vice-Chair, Doug Einarson, FCPA, FCA and Second Vice-Chair, Debbie Grenier, FCPA, FCA. 

At the meeting, the Board established the members of the sub-committees for the upcoming year. These include the Governance and Nominating Committee, Audit Committee and Ownership Linkages Committee.

The Board discussed the delivery of the 2020 Common Final Exam and the recent cyber breach at CPA Canada. In addition, there was a review of the Collaboration Accord, which sets out how the profession works together nationally in areas such as certification, standard-setting, branding, strategy and education. Finally, planning is underway for a virtual retreat in September where the strategic direction of CPA Manitoba will be reviewed and adapted to the current environment.