Annual Permit Renewals Notice

Annual permit renewals are for members and firms registered to provide public accounting services or other regulated services. The annual permit and practitioner fee notices will be mailed to each practicing firm and professional corporation in late August with a required payment date of October 1, 2019. We also ask each firm to declare that they carry professional liability insurance (PLI) as required in the bylaws. Late fees will be applied for any permit fees, practitioner fees and/or PLI declarations outstanding as of October 15, 2019. Each partner and practice leader is also required to complete a declaration on the services they are providing, and for those practitioners responsible for audits of financial statements, a declaration of their compliance with the CPD requirements of IES 8 (Revised).

Reminder – members cannot provide public accounting or other regulated services unless they have registered with CPA Manitoba and been granted a permit by the Registration Committee.

Questions on permit renewals and applications should be directed to Effie Siguenza at