June 2023 PD News


For a limited time, PD seminars are on sale!

There are over 200 seminar offerings available, including a collection of the most popular seminars over the last few years and first-time offerings from some new PD partners.

All seminars for the April 1 to August 31 session will be in the video on-demand format, allowing you flexibility to take the seminars to fit within your schedule. Take advantage of the 15% discount off the cash price on most on-demand products until August 31, 2023.
Announcing a limited time PD Pass Discount of 15%!

From April 1 until August 31, you can save 15% on the purchase of a Personal Mini Pass, Personal Regular Pass and Corporate Pass. That is a savings of $112 to $371! 

PD Passes are valid until March 31, 2024. We are pleased to keep our PD Pass prices the same as they have been for the past six years. 

The PD Pass provides a savings option for business professionals interested in taking multiple seminars at a discounted price. The non-transferable Personal PD Pass can be used to mix and match any combination of live-stream, in-person, conference and on-demand topics.

A Corporate PD Pass can be used to mix and match any combination of live-stream, in-person, conference and on-demand topics. All staff aligned with your organization are eligible to use it.

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PD Partner Spotlight: Introducing CPA PRO
The CPA Professional Learning and Development Planning Committee (PLDPC) nationally developed seminars are a unique collaboration. The committee is comprised of representatives from every provincial CPA body who work with subject matter experts. Together, they provide the most relevant, timely and curated content that is applicable for CPAs across Canada.  The seminars are chosen specifically to best protect the public and maintain competency of members in key areas. Over 100 seminars cover a wide variety of business and leadership topics, and provide annual updates related to standards, legislation and regulation. In particular, for regulatory content there is quality control to ensure members get important updates that are required with the right amount of depth.

Introducing the new branding for PLDPC courses: CPA PRO.

Level up with CPA PRO. Designed by the CPA profession for CPAs, these seminars help you adapt to industry changes and advance your career with the latest industry content delivered in a way that works for you. Look for the CPA PRO wordmark and be supported by your professional community.

CPA Manitoba is proud to offer CPA PRO seminars.

CPA PRO Seminars Currently Available Include:

  • ASPE - Update 2022 - This seminar is for participants who want to keep up with accounting standard changes and projects.  It will review recent revisions to Part II - Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises (ASPE), starting with an overview of the changes, followed by specific examples detailing their implementation. In addition, participants will receive practical guidance on common deficiencies in ASPE financial statements.
  • ASNFPO - Update 2022 - This seminar will provide an information update on recent revisions to the CPA Canada Handbook –Part III, Accounting Standards for Not-for-Profit Organizations (ASNFPO). In addition, revisions will be discussed to Part II, Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises (ASPE) where they are applicable to NFPOs.
  • Audits - Update 2022 - Auditors require continual knowledge of changing standards and practice issues.  This seminar reviews recent revisions to the CPA Canada Handbook–Assurance and other practice matters that have occurred over the last year.
  • IFRS – Update 2022 - This seminar provides participants with a review of new and revised IFRS between July 2021 and June 2022 and an up-to-date snapshot of other projects being considered by the IASB.  Topics addressed by the IFRS Discussion Group and the IFRS Interpretations Committee during the year will be identified with more in-depth coverage of specific items. Coverage of these topics provides insights into application of the standards, including insights on some judgments. 
  • Income Tax - Update 2022 - Providing a high-level summary of tax law changes in the past year, this seminar examines current changes and relevant issues in taxation that affect individuals and most businesses in the private sector.
  • PSAS - Update 2022 - As the Public Sector Accounting (PSA) Handbook continues to evolve at a rapid pace, users of public sector accounting standards may find it difficult to keep up. This course provides a review of sections in the PSA Handbook that have recently undergone addition or will soon come into effect. Furthermore, this seminar examines pending sections along with ongoing key projects and activities of the PSA Board. 
  • Quality Management - Application for Assurance Providers - This professional development session provides participants with a brief overview of the newly issued Canadian Standard for Quality Management (CSQM1 and CSQM2) requirements.  The session will provide examples of common quality control objectives, risks and responses for small to mid-size firms and provide you with the opportunity to tailor these to your firm’s specific circumstances.
  • Quality Management - Overview for Non-Assurance Providers - This professional development course provides participants with an overview of the requirements of the newly issued Canadian Standard for Quality Management (CSQM1 and CSQM2) and its impact on the quality control processes for non-assurance practitioners. The Canadian Standards for Quality Control (CSQC1) have been replaced the Canadian Standard for Quality Management (CSQM1 and CSQM2).  For non-assurance firms, there is a one-year deferral to December 15, 2023.
  • Reviews - Application of the Standard (CSRE 2400) - Using extracts of a review engagement file for a fictitious entity, this training activity, which is aimed at an experienced clientele, allows the participants to deepen their knowledge of the requirements and to benefit from practical advice in order to properly apply them.
  • Compilations - Application of CSRS 4200 New Standard - This seminar will include hands on opportunities to review application of standard to different scenarios and allow for some comparison with the previous standard. It updates practitioners on the new standard for compilation engagements so that they will have a working knowledge of the standard for application in their practices.  
  • Corporate Tax - Compliance and Planning in T2 Preparation - A wide variety of issued are encountered in the preparation of Canadian corporate income tax returns.  This seminar addresses technical and practical issues arising from these diverse issues, to better prepare the participant to prepare and/or review corporate income tax returns. Participants will gain an overall understanding of tax compliance issues, enhancing their ability to prepare complete and accurate tax returns, and to identify and address planning opportunities which arise in the preparation of corporate income tax returns.