June 2023 Member News


Admission to Membership 
•By Completion of CPA Program Requirements 
Brittany Ramsay, CPA
Deepak Saini, CPA

Member by Affiliation
Robyn Coles, CPA, CGA (CPA Alberta)
Mark Debusschere, CPA, CA (CPA Saskatchewan)
Brian Shaw, CPA, CMA (CPA British Columbia)

Admitted under Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) with The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Ka Lai Kwok, CPA
Chun Fung Au, CPA

Admitted under Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) with The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants
Angela Helm, CPA

Member Transfer Out
Shuo Feng (CPA Alberta)
Jessica Landry Hargrove (CPA British Columbia)
Shiva Krishnamoorthy (CPA Ontario)
Michael Penner (CPA Saskatchewan)
Xuechen Wang (CPA British Columbia)
Jianting Zhu (CPA Ontario)

Member Transfer Out (Remain Affiliate in MB)
Alice San Buenaventura, CPA
Shelley Bevz, CPA, CA
Derek McKnight, CPA

Resignation from Membership

Members who returned their certificate of membership or affidavit have had their resignations from membership accepted in good standing. Those who have not returned either their certificate or affidavit have had their resignations accepted “not in good standing.” Resignations are as follows:

In Good Standing 
Carol Hanney (1996)
Gerald Hogan (2009)
Ryan Kennedy (2016)
William King (2007)
Julia Krovats (2021)
Cathleen Kruk (1995)
Randall Ladell (2012)
Maura Mathurin (1997)
K. Michael Mumford (1989)
Kimberley Musick (2001)
Tina Nieuwenburg (2003)
Mihye Shin (2018)
Cole Tipton (2015)
Danielle Zelinsky (2001)

In Memoriam 
Rudy Gerling, CPA, CGA Passed away May 20, 2022

Hank Mesman, CPA, CMA Passed March 11, 2021

Bert Newman, CPA, CA Passed away July 17, 2018

Harry Rachlis, CPA, CMA Passed away April 6, 2023

Registrations of Practicing Firms 
Stephen De Beir, CPA (2017) has registered Kingfisher Accounting effective April 1, 2023.

Brian Demski, CPA, CGA (2012) has registered Brian Demski Chartered Professional Accountant effective April 15, 2023.

Jordan Blahnik, CPA, CMA (2015) has registered Blahnik & Associates Chartered Professional Accountants Inc. effective April 18, 2023.

Jennifer Flynn, CPA, CGA (2015) has registered Cheer Accounting Corporation effective March 29, 2023.