CPA Manitoba Staff Complete Indigenous Training


On June 3, CPA Manitoba staff participated in the fourth Indigenous Training Session at Riel House National Historic Site. The session was focused on staff being part of a sharing circle, which is a sacred practice that begins with smudging. A talking stick was passed around the circle, allowing the person holding the stick to have the full attention of the group as they shared their thoughts and perspectives on Indigenous ways, cultures, and histories.

It was an immersive and enriching experience that showcased the power of listening and ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to communicate their ideas while learning from the experiences of others.

Following the sharing circle, staff were taken on guided tours of Riel House, the National Historic Site commemorating the life of the Métis politician and activist Louis Riel, and also the daily life of Métis families in the Red River Settlement.

CPA Manitoba would like to thank Kent Brown and the Legacy Bowes team for the time and energy they dedicated to training our team over the past year. We are committed to this journey and recognize that to come to an understanding of Indigenous ways and our role in reconciliation, we must focus on learning, unlearning and relearning.