Seminar Formats

Seminars are offered in the following formats:

These audio-only courses are direct recordings from live Professional Development seminars. These recordings are available as downloadable MP3 audio files, along with any corresponding handout materials in PDF files.

In-class Seminars 
In-class seminars are held at the CPA Manitoba office. 

Live Broadcast Seminars 
Live broadcast seminars are delivered in real time and are conveniently accessed online. Participants watch the seminar leader while the PowerPoint presentation is on their screen. This format also includes a live chat option that allows participants to submit questions. 

Mobile Audio
These audio-only courses are delivered via mobile application. This allows for a convenient and flexible way two complete your PD courses “on the go” using your smartphone, tablet or listening to the desktop version.

On Demand Seminars 
Offered through a variety of providers and may include seminar materials and/or quizzes to complete before the expiry date. These pre-recorded sessions that are available for a limited time after registration.

On Demand seminars may also include technical modules where participants are provided seminar materials as well as a range of online interactive learning activities. Participants can share ideas or pose questions to other participants and an expert seminar facilitator with this format.

In-House Presentations
It may be more practical and/or economical for your organization to offer seminars on an “in-house” basis.

Some advantages of such presentations are:
• Cost effective, flexible and convenient
• Opportunity for frank discussions about how matters will be treated “in-house”
• Team-building through discussion groups

You can arrange for an in-house presentation of most of the seminars offered in the professional
development program. CPA Manitoba supplies a master copy of the seminar materials and you supply the location, instructor, etc. The basic fee for most seminars is $500 plus $140 per participant for a full day session ($75 per participant for a half-day session).

Acquisitions of In-House Rights
The purchase of in-house rights gives you unlimited right to use the seminar material within your
organization, in any format you choose. You will receive one master copy of each of the instructor materials and the participant materials for your use. The cost of acquiring the rights starts at $3,000.
Please contact for more information.


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