Manitoba Professional Development (PD)

2017 Spring PD Program
We are pleased to announce a new spring Professional Development program for 2017! These seminars running from April to July can be included as part of your 2017-2018 PD Passport, along with the fall/winter program that will be announced this summer.


Seminars will focus on both technical and enabling competencies, allowing you to expand your knowledge in a variety of topic areas.

To fit the professional development needs of our members, our program includes four formats - in-class, online, on demand and live broadcast. These formats allow you to learn wherever is most convenient for you - work, home or on the go.

Live broadcast seminars are delivered in real time and are accessed online. Participants watch the seminar leader while the PowerPoint presentation is on their screen. This format also includes a live chat option that allows participants to submit questions.  

On demand seminars are pre-recorded and available for a limited time after registration while offering you the flexibility to learn at your own pace.

We look forward to being the perfect fit for your professional development.

-CPA Manitoba Member Services Team


If you have questions or comments regarding the Professional Development program, please contact:

Bonita Collison
Professional Development Coordinator
204 924.4413

Kathy Zaplitny, CPA, CA
Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs & Member Services
204 924.4411 


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