Host Organizations

CPA Canada and CPA Manitoba are working together to grow and expand the Financial Literacy Program in Manitoba. As a pilot project, CPA Manitoba has taken on the role of area leader and is provincially responsible for:

• Promoting the program
• Promoting volunteer opportunities
• Connecting volunteers with host organizations
• Community outreach

If your organization would like to know more, please contact us to arrange a meeting where we can discuss the program in more detail with you.

If you are interested in booking a session, please submit your request 12 weeks in advance. This ensures that there is sufficient time for a CPA member to be arranged and to prepare for the session. In some cases (such as CPA members arranging their own sessions or hosts working with a familiar volunteer), the 12 week scheduling time can be reduced.

Learn more about your responsibilities as a host organization
Request a session through CPA Manitoba

If you have additional questions, please contact:
Kristine Tubiera
CPA Manitoba Area Leader



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