Member Recognition Program

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CPA Manitoba is proud to recognize the excellence of its members and their remarkable contribution to the visibility of
the profession.

To acknowledge these contributions, we are pleased to feature the CPA Manitoba Member Recognition Program. Nominations are now closed and successful nominees will be notified in late February/early March. The 2020 CPA Manitoba Member Recognition Gala will take place on May 7 at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

The CPA Manitoba Member Recognition Program includes:

2019 Member Recognition Program Recipients
Lifetime Achievement Award
Rick MacKay, FCPA, FCA

Fellow CPA (FCPA)
Dean Austin, FCPA, FCA
Robert Lawrence, FCPA, FCA
Robert Reimer, FCPA, FCA
Susanne Robertson, FCPA, FCA
Shirley Sommer, FCPA, FCA

Early Achievement Award
Jennifer Ash, CPA, CMA
Mickaela Maxwell, CPA, CA
Michael McLenehan, CPA, CGA
Jordan Oakley, CPA, CA
Ryan Palmer, CPA, CA
Matt Pilloud, CPA, CA

Distinguished Service Award
Hans Andersen, CPA, CA
Maury Donen, CPA, CMA