Use of CPA Logo – Firm Request for Authorization

Firm members who wish to use the CPA logo on their stationery may download it after they have agreed to comply with the conditions for using the CPA visual identity outlined in the CPA & Design Mark Firm Agreement.

Please carefully read the CPA & Design Mark Firm Agreement before proceeding with the production of promotional materials bearing the CPA visual identity (e.g., business cards, letterhead, presentations, signage, etc.)

As outlined in the agreement, to gain access to the logo, you must agree to comply with the following conditions:

  • The CPA logo may be used only by firm members that meet the CPA profession’s defined standards for membership and are currently in good standing with a practice as defined and regulated by CPA Manitoba.
  • The CPA logo may not be used on a commercial product or publication in a way that may directly or indirectly lead others to think that the product or publication is authorized and/or endorsed by Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) or CPA Manitoba, or that these bodies are associated with these products.
  • The CPA logo must be surrounded by a free, protected space regardless of how the logo is used. The protected space must not measure less than the height of the letter C.
  • The symbol, colour, font and space between the letters that form the CPA logo may not be modified in any way.
  • The logo's elements may not be separated and the logo may not be associated with other graphic elements (lines, outlines, etc.).
  • The logo's size must not be smaller than the size indicated for each version so that optimal reproduction and readability of the logo are ensured.
  • Members may send the CPA logo only to individuals whom they have entrusted to produce materials outlined in this agreement. Members are prohibited from sending the logo to anyone else who is not duly authorized by CPA Canada to use the CPA logo.

The authorization to download and use the CPA logo becomes null, void and invalid when members cease to practice at a firm or in public practice, are no longer CPA members in good standing, or do not comply with the logo conditions of use.

Read, and provide your consent to, the CPA & Design Mark Firm Agreement conditions for using the CPA logo.

If you have any questions about the use of the CPA logo in Manitoba, please contact Mike Cuma, Manager, Communications by Email.