Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for giving back to the community by volunteering your time to the CPA Canada Financial Literacy Program.

Have you considered volunteering to deliver a session in your organization or local community? Learn more below.

Volunteer Opportunities

Across the province, we receive requests from educational institutions and host organizations to have sessions delivered. We also source out new ideas through business and community connections.

Available Volunteer Opportunities

There are no currently opportunities needing to be filled.

If you know of an organization that may benefit from a Financial Literacy session, please contact CPA Manitoba's Area Leader to assist in exploring opportunities.

Financial Literacy Volunteer Updates

Volunteers have access to a wealth of resources on the CPA Canada website.

CPA Canada is continuously working on ways to develop content to help make the program a rewarding experience for host organizations and volunteers. Evaluations are completed and reviewed following each session to see where enhancements can be made.

To support the volunteer experience, online training models allow members the ability to watch a series of videos to learn more about the program and receive initial training. In Manitoba, new volunteers can “buddy” with an existing volunteer for presentations. CPA students and candidates can deliver sessions alongside a CPA volunteer.

Community Outreach

CPA Manitoba collaborates with many organizations to deliver financial literacy sessions. If you work at or know of an organization that may benefit from these sessions, please advise CPA Manitoba's Area Leader.