Principles and Values 

Our guiding principles and core values outline our beliefs and philosophy, which is at the heart of our culture - our essence.

Guiding Principles


The CPA Manitoba Foundation supports the pursuit of business and accounting education for students and members through inspired and engaged donors.


Opportunity through business and accounting education.


CPA Manitoba Foundation is committed to changing lives by improving access to business and accounting education in Manitoba.

The CPA Manitoba Foundation fulfills our mission and purpose through:

Removing Financial Barriers: Distributing awards, scholarships and bursaries to CPA candidates, preparatory students, post-secondary and high school students.

Donor and Stakeholder Engagement: Developing strong and meaningful relationships with donors, members, and award recipients through engaging communications and platforms.

Fund Development: Creating opportunities for fund development, such as engaging events, online donations and donor-advised funds.

Building a Strong Foundation: Forming trustworthy management and operations to implement investment strategies and governing policies that align with our core values.

Core Values

Excellence: Demonstrate excellence by ensuring everything the Foundation does is of the highest quality.

Innovation: Promote innovation by adapting to the ever-changing needs of our stakeholders.

Integrity: Act with integrity by committing to ethical behaviour, professional conduct and fairness.

Respect: Foster respect by developing positive relationships with all of our stakeholders.

Transparency: Exemplify transparency by being open and accountable in all of our actions and communications.

Mustard Callout

CPA Canada is carefully monitoring COVID-19 for any new developments relating to its impacts. Be sure to check this page on a regular basis.

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