Award Recipients

By investing in education, we are investing in the future.

On behalf of the CPA Manitoba Foundation, we congratulate the following award winners and their outstanding accomplishments.

2020 - 2021 Award Recipients 

CPA Manitoba Common Final Examination Honour Roll Award
Monica Krueger
Kyla Herzog

The Canada Life Leadership Award

Signey Dzydz
Marvill Galisa
Jason Slipec

James W. Clarke, FCPA, FCA Award
Carter Wilson

William G. Eamer, FCPA, FCA Public Accounting Award

Kelsey Mitzok, CPA
Jordan McCallum

Kristin Dawn Hanson, CGA Memorial Award Recipient
Joseph Hoogerdijk

Larry H. Frostiak, FCPA, FCA Scholarship Recipient
Daniel Mortimer

Lorraine Taraska, FCPA, FCA Scholarship Recipient
Calvin Loi

Mossman-Elkow CPA Entrance Scholarship Recipient
Jonghoon Kim

Red River Mutual Scholarship Recipient 
Tanya Zeghers


I want the Foundation and its financial contributors to know how much their support has meant to me. Their recognition makes me want to continue to find ways to improve professionally and to provide leadership where I can.