CPAs Are Boring...

CPAs are boring...

Discover how the CPAs are anything but boring.

CPAs aren’t just pencil pushers. We don’t just sit behind desks all day staring at spreadsheets. And while we can do your taxes, we can also do so much more. CPA ingenuity is everywhere. In every industry and every role. We are the visionaries, strategists and advisors who advance business and society, reshaping every landscape we live in and work in.

See how Canada’s CPAs step into exciting roles to shatter the stereotype

Not a nerd

Cheryl Zealand

Learn how Cranked Energy’s Cheryl Zealand became a player in the energy bar market.

Never uninspired

Roopa Davé

See how KPMG’s Roopa Davé brings sustainability to business strategy.

Far from boring

Chad Heron

Find out how Cows’ Chad Heron takes ice cream to the next level.

Break from tradition

Jean-Michel Vanier

Watch Lufa Farms' Jean-Michel Vanier talk about reinventing farming.

Unconventional thinking

Michelle Cherny

Check out how Deloitte’s Michelle Cherny is advancing diversity.

Dressing up drab

Lorna Mutegyeki

Discover how Msichana’s Lorna Mutegyeki brings ethics to the fashion industry.

Don’t be boring

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