CPA Manitoba Foundation Supports CPA Dream

 Bursary support from the Foundation really put my mind at ease and helped me to start my life here

It’s often said that the start of an initiative, an undertaking, a project is the hardest part. That applies as much to personal life as it does to professional life. For Margaryta Popel, CPA, that notion rings true.

“I came from Ukraine to Canada five years ago, and I’d been an accountant there since 1995,” said Popel. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and auditing from a Ukrainian institution. “Being in a new country with significantly different regulations and processes was a challenge.” 

With that in mind and knowing that she would need credentials to bolster her opportunities, she wanted to pursue a professional accounting designation in Canada to build a new life here.

“I knew that I needed something to help me find a job, continue to work and pay bills. I was directed to CPA Manitoba and talked to advisors there,” Popel recalled. “It was through the evaluation process that I also learned of the CPA Manitoba Foundation.”

Supporting family back home and looking to get started in Winnipeg, Popel worked hard to get all the documents necessary and compile the required information to begin her journey towards the CPA designation. Despite her optimism, she knew some challenges would lay ahead and that there was a possibility that the Foundation could help. 

 “I reached out to the CPA Manitoba Foundation once I heard of their bursary, and I applied for it because of my goals.” 

Popel completed the application and continued in her studies – at this time, she was proceeding through the CPA prerequisite courses on a part-time basis while working. Her goal was to finish the prerequisites within one year so that she could move on to the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP), a challenging task even while not working. On a particularly rewarding but exhaustive day, her fatigue was replaced by cheers when she opened her mail. 

“I remember receiving my first cheque and it was such a huge support – I was so happy!” said Popel. “Financial support from the CPA Manitoba Foundation played a huge role in my ability to get the work done, support my family and more.”

Popel was able to not only fulfill financial obligations, but also spend more time with family and continue to build her life in Winnipeg thanks to the Foundation. On her journey to earning the CPA designation, she was able to re-apply for the bursary three times, which was pivotal to her continued success.

“Bursary support from the Foundation really put my mind at ease and helped me to start my life here,” said Popel. “Taking care of my family, upholding my performance at work and completing the CPA program itself was quite difficult to manage. However, the bursary support really allowed me to flourish within my education and career.” 

Now a CPA, Popel aspires to continue building her skill set as a CPA and business professional. That said, she hasn’t forgotten her journey and credits part of her success to the support of the Foundation and the profession itself.

“The CPA Manitoba Foundation really put me in a position to succeed,” said Popel. “I’m quite glad that there’s an organization really striving to go above and beyond for their future students. It made all the difference in my situation and I know it does for others, too.”