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Erin Kelly is President and CEO of Advanced Symbolics Inc. (ASI), a company that uses Artificial Intelligence to augmented market research and prediction. ASI’s patented AI, named “Polly” is the world’s only AI for human behaviour research, and aside from her undisputed record accurately calling referendums and elections – including BREXIT and Trump – she has quickly catapulted to fame worldwide working with leading brands including Disney, Mastercard, Greenpeace and several public health initiatives especially in the fields of mental health, depression and suicide.
Erin is frequently called on by national and international media for her insights into AI and its ability to transform society for the better. She is also featured in the current CPA brand campaign. 
The Predictive Power of AI
Wednesday, June 17 - Afternoon Keynote - 1:45 - 2:45 pm
Predictive research requires the processing of vast amounts of data in near real time, an impossible feat without the advanced computing power of AI.  Today, enterprises can, for the first time, not only do very accurate predictive research, but can also compute what-if scenarios to allow company planners to optimize all operations of the organization from finance, to operations to sales and marketing and HR and cyber security.  This presentation is a hands on look at specific case studies using AI to increase sales, efficiencies, detect financial fraud and optimize performance.