An Ethical 3%: Transforming Your Work, Your Team, and Making A Difference


Mitch Dorge is a happy guy. So much so that he was sought after to participate in the Sarah Spinks documentary about people that have attained true happiness in life. As one of five individuals In Pursuit of Happiness, Mitch sheds a fair bit of light on a few things – but what seems most evident to him is that his life’s accomplishments (so far) are a by-product of being a happy guy. Mitch should know, after all, he’s a celebrated musician that has achieved fame and world-wide success, but to Mitch, happiness is not defined by his accomplishments alone (although the accomplishment list is long!).
So, throughout the last 14 years, Mitch has not only shared his thoughts, but has given his North American audiences the chance to experience this happiness. In spending an hour with Mitch, you will not only hear his unconventional ideas about where true happiness comes from, you’ll feel it and experience it for yourself.
Whether Mitch is speaking to youth, a Chamber of Commerce, Teachers, Parents, Multi-national Corporations, or welcoming guests at a local charity fundraiser, somehow people are more likely to walk out a whole lot happier than when they walked in. We think he just might be catchy.

An Ethical 3%: Transforming Your Work, Your Team, and Making A Difference
Friday, September 27 - Luncheon Keynote, 12:15 - 1:45 pm
What is an Ethical 3%? It’s the extra 3% of productivity you get from people without having to ask for it. When your team and leaders feel supported and have the tools to support each other, they’ll always have that extra level of engagement that ultimately affects your bottom line.

As there is no “one size fits all” recipe to fast-track success, Mitch creates trust and comfort on a level playing field to create the support, engagement and interaction that fits your team’s uniqueness and culture. Recognizing that you are a part of something no one else has creates a pride that fuels a happy workplace. A happy workplace will produce 3% more productivity, easily and ethically.

Mitch provides the tools to move beyond status quo, tapping into each individual’s ability to be self-aware of how they fit into the team. In the future, this allows them to grow and exceed their own expectations.