Working with Mindfulness


Keith Macpherson has a big vision. He believes that mindfulness can and will be made accessible to everybody on the planet. No matter what age or demographic, according to Keith, mindfulness is the entry way to finding balance, health, inner-peace and wisdom.
With his down-to-earth personality and charismatic charm, Keith has a special ability to motivate the masses and win over even those who might otherwise neglect their health and wellness. As a trained life coach through CTI (Coaching Training Institute, San Rafeal, CA) along with a Bachelor of Education degree and extensive yoga teacher training through Moksha Yoga International, Keith is poised to be a global leader in community leadership involving mindful health and wellness.
His keynotes and workshops along with his live yoga classes are consistently packed with students, along with thousands of online downloads of his instructional videos and live DVD series. Not only is Keith a mindfulness coach, but he also offers his authentic gift of live music performance everywhere he goes. He believes that both mindfulness and music are the universal languages that bring people together in harmony as one planet. With a strong dream of accessible health and wellness for our global community, Keith is truly on his way to fulfilling his vision of a healthier planet aligned mentally, physically and spiritually.  
Keith has spent over twenty years touring globally as a speaker and performer in countries including Canada, The United States, Mexico, Africa, Dubai and The United Kingdom.

Working with Mindfulness
Friday, September 27 - Opening Keynote, 8:30 - 9:20 am


Mindfulness has become a very popular buzz word in our culture. We especially hear this word popping up in the workplace with very little understanding as to what it means, why it is important, and how it assist with improving company culture, work/life balance and productivity. 
According to the statistics published by The Leadership Circle Profile, 80% of workers are operating in a reactive leadership capacity. With an alarming number of reported cases of stress, anxiety, and depression in the workplace, mindfulness is becoming a very important practice to build resiliency and balance in workplace culture. Mindfulness is also an entryway into developing effective and creative leadership in workplace culture. 
In his presentation, Keith Macpherson offers an engaging and interactive experience to assist with making sense of mindfulness and offers benefits and tangible strategies to integrate more heart into the practice. Known for his ability to entertain, educate, and evoke transformation, Keith will leave an audience feeling renewed and inspired to rise to a greater vision of themselves and their company. 
In the keynote, Keith will unlock three key principles in the practice of mindfulness including inner visioning, exposing the saboteur (limiting beliefs) and opening to a growth mindset (which invokes balance and resilience). The presentation assists with moving attendees from a reactive mindset that is fueled by limiting beliefs to a creative framework that expands leadership, communication, resiliency and balance.  

Outcomes of the presentation will include: 

  • Strategies to assist and counter stress and anxiety in the workplace environment and provide more inner balance
  • New strategies to shift reactive beliefs and stimulate creativity
  • Relaxation practices to re-focus the mind and build awareness.
  • Raise awareness of limiting beliefs and tools to re-frame them.
  • An opportunity to discover how to build greater productivity through less effort.