Internationally Trained Individuals

Whether you’re a newcomer to Canada or have earned permanent residency and citizenship, CPA Manitoba strives to offer internationally-trained individuals a fast, transparent and consistent assessment of educational and professional histories.

Internationally Designated Accountants

If you have earned a professional accounting designation and are a current member in good standing with an accounting body that is a member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), you may be eligible for entrance to or advanced standing within the CPA certification program. In order for this to be accounted for during your application, you must enter the applicable information during your transcript assessment request. Enter the information in your education history under the designation tab.

Additional documentation for advanced standing consideration will be required, including a confirmation letter of good standing from the accounting body and details of experience.

English as an additional language

A firm grasp of English speaking and writing skills are essential to finding success in the CPA certification program. Although it is not a requirement, we strongly recommend that students score at least an 8 on the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks test to reinforce your success in the program.

Course Evaluation

CPA preparatory course waiver(s) can be granted for internationally educated students in non-core courses. These courses include Introductory Financial Accounting, Introductory Management Accounting, Economics, Statistics and Information Technology. While the specific equivalency standard may be unclear, it is determined that there is sufficient coverage in the foundation topic area as related to the CPA requirements.

To be considered for core module exemptions, an applicant must provide detailed documentation that outlines specific course coverage, applicable text(s) and evaluation criteria. Note that Taxation and Business Law Canadian content.

Courses are assessed at a minimum international grade conversion of 50% for non-core modules and 60% for core modules.