Officers and Members of the CPA Manitoba Board

Officers and Members of the Executive Committee
Tim Silversides, FCPA, FCGA - Chair
Cindee Laverge, CPA, CGA - First Vice-Chair
Heather Reichert, FCPA, FCA - Second Vice-Chair
Gordon Dowhan, CPA, CA - Member-at-large
Todd Scaletta, FCPA, FCMA - Secretary (non-voting member of the Executive Committee)
Irene Merie, CPA (Hon.), CA (Hon.) - Public Representative
Other Members of the Board, At-Large
Kevin Antonyshyn, CPA, CGA
Dion Bird, CPA, CA
Mary Brabston, Ph.D., CPA (Hon.), CMA (Hon.) - Public Representative
Bryan Byhre, CPA, CMA
Kevin Chief - Public Representative
Douglas Einarson, FCPA, FCA
Jack Fleming - Public Representative
Pat Gifford - Public Representative
Debbie Grenier, CPA, CA
Mark Jones, FCPA, FCGA
George Prosk, CPA, CMA
Kevin Regan, FCPA, FCA
Terri-lyn Scott, CPA, CA
Howard Wirch, FCPA, FCGA

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