Officers and Members of the CPA Manitoba Board

Officers and Members of the Executive Committee
David Sachvie, FCPA, FCA – Chair   
Tim Silversides, FCPA, FCGA – First Vice-Chair
Cindee Laverge, CPA, CGA – Second Vice-Chair
Heather Reichert, FCPA, FCA – Member-at-large
Todd Scaletta, FCPA, FCMA – Secretary (non-voting member of the Executive Committee)
Irene Merie, CPA (Hon.), CA (Hon.) – Public Representative

Other Members of the Board, At-Large
Dion Bird, CPA, CA
Mary Brabston, Ph.D., CPA (Hon.), CMA (Hon.) – Public Representative
Bryan Byhre, CPA, CMA
Gordon Dowhan, CPA, CA
Jack Fleming – Public Representative
Pat Gifford – Public Representative
Rhonda Hogg, CPA, CGA
Mark Jones, FCPA, FCGA
David Loewen, FCPA, FCA
George Prosk, CPA, CMA
Kevin Regan, FCPA, FCA
Robert Thorsten, FCPA, FCMA  
Brent Turman, CPA, CMA
Howard Wirch, FCPA, FCGA

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