CPA Manitoba Board Chair Message

This is a wonderful day for the accounting profession as we recognize the success of 182 graduates. They have persevered through their studies and have demonstrated a commitment to further their careers and better themselves professionally.

Today, we celebrate their achievements, determination and hard work.

To the graduates, congratulations on behalf of CPA Manitoba. You are the future of the accounting profession in our province and I am honoured to write you this message.

First, thank you. We don’t say it enough. Thank you for your commitment to learning and all the efforts and sacrifices you’ve made to get to this point. Thank you to those who have helped you along your journey: family, friends, mentors, facilitators, teachers and others.

I know the path to become a CPA can be hard and the challenges can appear daunting, but you’ve persevered, and the profession applauds your resiliency and commitment.

We do so because our community needs strong business and accounting leaders that are able to navigate our data driven economy and rapid technology advancements. I know this year’s graduates will make a difference throughout our communities, playing key roles in leading businesses towards environmental, social and governance innovation.

Graduates, consider that nearly any organization can benefit from your education and experience. Whether through professional activities, volunteer roles, or both – you have the tools to make a positive difference for many.

Once again, thank you. You should be proud of this accomplishment and I’m excited to see what you do next!

Gordon Dowhan, FCPA, FCA
Chair, CPA Manitoba

CPA Manitoba President & CEO Message

Congratulations to all 2021 graduates! CPA Manitoba looks forward to celebrating your accomplishments in person with friends and family next year.

We are often challenged, but rarely has the challenge been so great or, at times, so uncertain. I can safely say that as a graduating class you have persevered more than most and because of that, should feel all the prouder.

While I have no doubt that the journey was frustrating and challenging at times, you will also be more prepared and more resilient because of it. As you now know, resilience is a trait that keeps us connected with our purpose. It’s what allows us to doggedly move forward, and I firmly believe it’s one of the most important traits for a successful career. 

When we are resilient, we inevitably promote successful thinking because we embrace the situation despite the challenges in front of us. It is a long-term way of approaching a problem that I believe has many positives.

Consider, that in order to thrive in today’s business environment, we will be called upon to learn skills and take on new challenges. In having a mind that is open to change -- and attuned to be resilient -- you will be well positioned to thrive in an ever-changing environment.

As you take on whatever comes next, know that you’ve already persevered through an extremely challenging program at an extremely challenging time. And for that reason, among others, I can’t wait to connect with you at Convocation 2022.

Geeta Tucker, FCPA, FCMA
President & CEO, CPA Manitoba